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Christopher’s Antiques

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We had seen signs for Christopher’s on US 2 every time we were on our way home from visiting Luke’s mother.  The signs caught our eye because they were two billboards, one right on top of the other, both saying essentially the same thing - come see Christopher’s in Manistique.  Right behind the post office!

Christopher’s is housed in a two-story building on Oak Street.  There is a discreet sign out front, much different from the double billboards on US 2.  We walked in and found ourselves in a high-ceilinged room absolutely crammed with furniture, knick-knacks, china, and display cabinets.  A well-dressed woman sat behind a counter and greeted us cheerfully.  She encouraged us to open up all the drawers in every piece of furniture, because there were more things stored inside.  “Just don’t complain about the messy drawers,” she laughed. “If you complain, you get to clean them out.”

We spent about an hour wandering through the two levels and multiple rooms of the store, and could easily have spent more. Upstairs, there was one small room completely dedicated to tools and other manly implements.  There was a lot of antique cloth, clothing, and fabrics, which can be a rarity in the antique stores in Michigan.  There were pieces of furniture large and small, fine china, old books, photographs, and strange curios.  Music played from antique radios.  Every drawer we opened had little treasures hidden away.

The prices at Christopher’s seemed very reasonable to me.  I am a beginner when it comes to antiquing, but I have a vague idea of what things should cost.  Christopher’s seemed to have their pricing right down in the proper range.  Very few things made me gasp with sticker shock, and I am willing to concede that those things probably were worth more than I realized anyway.

I was reluctant to leave, but Manistique is a town near the beginning of a very long trip home, and we had to get moving.  We found some bookends that we decided we needed to have, and went to pay.  I am terrible at haggling, so I rarely do it, even when it’s expected.  However, the lady at the counter gave us a discount anyway, and we had a very nice chat with her before leaving.

If you are planning a stop at Christopher’s, I would strongly recommend having someone take any small children in your party down the street for an ice cream while you browse.  There are too many things at child-level that could easily be handled and broken by little hands.  Also, if you are handicapped, only the first floor of the store is handicap-accessible, and even so, it would be a tight fit for a wheelchair.

You can reach Christopher’s easily if you are traveling on US-2.  Turn south onto M-94 (there will be a sign at this turning pointing you toward Historic Manistique), and then make a left onto Oak Street.  Christopher’s will be on your left.

The Essentials

Christopher’s Antiques
211 Oak St.
Manistique, MI 49854

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 AM - 5 PM

Seasonal: Yes - open April 1 through December 31

Kid Friendly: While there are no signs prohibiting children, Christopher’s is crammed with breakable items, and many of them are at child-level.  I would recommend a visit without the kids.

Handicap Accessible: Ground floor only

Additional Notes:  When facing Christopher’s, you will see two lots, one on the right side of the building, and one on the left.  Park in the left lot - the right lot is for the use of the US Postal Service employees and contains the USPS loading area.

Written by Rebecca

August 31st, 2008 at 1:00 am