Two Peninsulas

Two peninsulas, one state, one car, no map.

About the Site

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My name is Rebecca, and this is Two Peninsulas.

Here you will find things to do and see in Michigan, whether you are an out-of-state tourist or a resident looking for a new place to explore. Attractions will range from places to see in some of our cities, to things you can find if you’re willing to venture a bit off the beaten path.

This site’s secondary aim is to help change how people perceive Michigan and its inhabitants. As a lifelong resident of Michigan, I’ve heard all kinds of bad things about the Great Lakes State. Among them: Michigan is cold, dreary, flat, ugly, backwards, full of ignorant people, boring, all farmland, poor, crime-ridden, and mostly just a place to escape FROM instead of a place to escape TO.  Michigan is a lovely state with welcoming and friendly people, great natural beauty, good food, and good fun.

Two Peninsulas is updated weekly on Sunday. Please use the menus at the right to start your journey. As I go more places, the site will grow. I hope you’ll stay with me and enjoy the trip.

Written by Rebecca

August 11th, 2008 at 5:27 pm

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